Salvation Army Accepting Donations

The Guelph Salvation Army is accepting clothing donations, winter coats, and food for the refugee families.  The public can also drop off items such as toys and household items such as kitchenware’s and household furniture that is very good condition.

These items can be dropped off at 210 Victoria Road South from Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

Frequently Asked Questions on Donations

Are knitted items and gently used clothing accepted?

Is this the best place to drop off donations for refugees arriving in Guelph?

Is there an estimated timeline for arrivals of refugees to Guelph, so donations can be ready before hand?

One family arrived in June 2015. Other refugee families will be arriving by the end of December 2015 and early in 2016.


Today’s Media Coverage

Below is a short list of the numerous articles that were released by Canadian media today.


LIP Comes Out in Support of Refugees

Thursday, November 25th, the Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership published a statement in support of welcoming refugees into Guelph and the surrounding regions.A full list of their members can be found here.
The full statement is below.

The Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership is a coalition of organizations and individuals who strive to create a caring and equitable community that is welcoming of immigrants. We believe that the current situation involving refugees should be of utmost importance to people in Guelph and Wellington County. Through the generosity of our neighbours, Guelph and Wellington is poised to welcome as many as 50 refugee families through private sponsorship.

The GWLIP does not subscribe to the belief that refugees are a security concern as there is no evidence of any links between refugees and Canadian security. Further, recent events in Paris and elsewhere do not require any change in Canada’s approach to Syrian refugees, since ensuring a thorough security check has always been a mandatory part of the plan.

The GWLIP asserts that, in fact, refugees bring a tremendous amount of benefit to the community in terms of experience, skills, and passion, and are part of this region’s long and rich history. Because of decades of supporting refugees in the community, there are some helpful services for refugees already in place. We offer our support to connect and convene those working on refugee issues, along with other leaders in the community, to ensure that our communities are ready to support and welcome refugees with open arms.

Imagine having to leave your home for fear of your family’s safety, living in refugee camps, and making a perilous journey across the ocean to a new community. Now imagine this community is Guelph and Wellington County.  What a beautiful final destination to start a new life.  Together, let us make sure that all refugees get the best start possible.

Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Jim Estill providing support to 50 Refugee families

For those of you who attended the Refugee Sponsorship Forum last night, Sara Sayyed of the Muslim Society of Guelph (MSOG) shared this information and how MSOG is working with Jim Estill to bring 50 families to Guelph.

For those who were unable to attend, check out the Guelph Mercury Article: Guelph businessman funds 50 Syrian refugee families.

Also, here is Jim’s interview on CBC November 26.


Ontario Preparing to Welcome Syrian Refugees Province Partnering with Federal Government to Settle and Integrate Refugees

Province Partnering with Federal Government to Settle and Integrate Refugees

Ontario is a welcoming and inclusive society and is working to ensure seamless, co-ordinated and appropriate support for the refugees who will arrive in this province.

Today, the federal government announced its plans to welcome Syrian refugees to Canada. In addition to collaborating with the federal government, Ontario has also been working with municipal governments and across ministries to mobilize and identify provincial resources to support the settlement of refugees.

The remainder of the news release can be found here.